General Dentistry

He general dentistry is the medical specialty devoted to the study of the teeth and gums and treating their illnesses. This takes care of everything related to the oral cavity, formed by all organs and tissues in the mouth and are part of the skull, neck and face.

The first documented Dentistry dental practice took place in Egypt over 5,000 years. A little over a century, the barbers charge of dental extraction until dentistry was institutionalized.

There are two dental groups: the former group, consisting of the canines and incisors, and the later group, comprised of the premolars and molars. Beyond aesthetics, each tooth has a function. The incisors to cut food, canines help tearing, the molars and premolars are responsible for crushing, for example.

Caries is one of the most common diseases of the teeth. It appears from the action of acids produced by bacteria and destroys the enamel and dentin. The consumption of carbonated beverages influence the formation of cavities.

Other common diseases include gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding of the gums caused by a bacterial infection) and periodontitis (when it destroys the tissue connecting the tooth to the bone).

The dentists recommend oral hygiene including the use of a toothbrush, floss and mouthwash buccal, using proper technique.